Processional Entrance


                                   Joy Juani, Allison Querol, Dana Mabbayad, 

                                   Jel Ramos, Simon Lee

Philippine National Anthem

                                   Karl Cabidog, Shammy dela Cruz, Nina Querol

                                   Gabrielle Harrison, Junel Batangantang,

Welcome Address

                                   Samantha Catacutan

Bequeathal Ceremonies

             Key of Responsibility:           Samantha Catacutan       

                                                           Gillian Caisido

              Book of Knowledge:             Wency Constantino

                                                           Jessanine Capistrano

              Illumination Crystal               Rebecca Vivienne Leonardo

                                                           Junel Batangantang

             Flight to Excellence               Elijah Ferdinand Gotis

                                                           Dana Hannah Mabbayad

Presentation of Candidates

Production Number


Awarding of Winners

Closing Remarks

                              Maria Margarita Villarica

                              Jancisko Valera


Opening of Dance Floor                 Prom King and Queen

                                                       Awardees and Candidates



Prom Practice Schedule and Participants

Dear Juniors and Seniors,

The highlighted boxes indicate the target date of production number perfection. Bear in mind that this is a PRACTICAL ACTIVITY in your MAPEH class. The more well-behaved and persevering you are, the greater the inclination of your MAPEH teacher to give you decent points.

Please bring the following during your practice dates:

  • extra shirts
  • footwear (ideally, the flat shoes you’ll be wearing during the event itself)
  • water/energy drinks

prom practice

prom participants





JS Prom 2013 Officers

batch officers


    Senior:              Samantha Catacutan

    Junior:             Gillian Caisido


    Senior:              Maria Margarita Villarica

   Junior:              Jancisko Valera


   Senior:              Wency Constantino

   Junior:             Jessanine Capistrano


   Senior:              Junel Batangantang

   Junior:              Rebecca Vivienne Leonardo


   Senior:           Dana Hannah Mabbayad

   Junior:           Elijah Ferdinand Gotis

Objectives, Guidelines and Rules



  • To provide a bequeathal ceremony that would allow the current third year and fourth year high school students to formally exchange batch responsibilities for the succeeding school year.
  • To provide a social event that allows students to differentiate between, and practice, formal and informal interaction decorum.
  • To foster the development of musical, bodily-kinesthetic and interpersonal skills of students through their own creation and performance of musical production numbers.


Theme-Based Guidelines

  • The official theme of the prom is “Black and White.”
  • Students are required to wear formal attires in black and white (all black, all white, combination of both) colors only.
  • Gold, silver, bronze and other metals are allowed only as accents and should not dominate the attire (earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, cuff links, tiara, hair pins, lining, piping, buttons).
  • Bear in mind that the production numbers are fast-paced and require swift, elaborate movements. Make sure that performers’ attires would allow them to move comfortably, without the possibilities of wardrobe malfunction, which may compromise their dignity during the production number.
  • Attendees from the ISM Administration, faculty and staff, as well as students’ family and friends who intend to watch the program, are required to comply with the color theme.

Arrival and Departure

  • Registration shall start at 5:45 pm and close at exactly 6:45 pm. (Philippine Standard Time via DOST website)
  • The program shall start at exactly 7:00 pm. (Philippine Standard Time via DOST website)
  • If a student arrives after the processional entrance, he/she shall proceed to his/her designated place for the Bequeathal Ceremonies.
  • Guests are required to leave the school grounds as soon as the Prom King and Queen open the dance floor.
  • Students should be fetched by parents or official guardians only, between 12:00mn to 1:00am. (Philippine Standard Time via DOST website)

Dress Code for the Gentlemen:

  1. Boys shall wear coat-and-tie with slacks.
  2. Long-sleeved dress shirts should be worn underneath formal coats.
  3. Denims are not allowed.
  4. Only formal leather shoes shall be worn by boys.
  5. Coats may be taken off only after the opening of the dance floor.

Dress Code for the Ladies:

  1. Girls are required to wear long formal dresses/gowns. A significant amount of the skirt should be, at most, one-and-a-half inches from the ground as a lady stands upright.
  2. Slits more than two inches above the knees are not allowed.
  3. Necklines should not be more than three inches below the collarbone.
  4. Back styles should not be more than two inches below the bra line.
  5. Girls may change into more comfortable dresses (after the opening of the dance floor) so long as the following provisions are followed.
  •   The skirts are no more than two inches above the knees
  • Rule numbers 3 and 4 of the Ladies’ Dress Code are observed.

Criteria for Judging (Pageant Portion)

  • Over-All Impact (20%)
  • Poise and Bearing (20%)
  • Attire Decency and Elegance (30%)
  • Wholesome and Pleasing Looks (30%)


  • Prom King and Queen
  • Mr. and Miss Senior
  • Mr. and Miss Junior
  • Mr. and Miss Dazzling in Dual Colors
  • Mr. and Miss Wonderful in White
  • Mr. and Miss Brilliant in Black
  • Mr. and Miss Prom Hottie


  • Students who arrive after the invocation shall be DISQUALIFIED from pageant selection.
  • Violators of the theme and dress code shall be DISQUALIFIED from pageant selection.